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Setting up email on your computer, phone, tablet, or any other device


Setting up your email on any device can seem frustrating, however it is really quite simple.


Most newer web browsers and mail clients on most devices will use an auto discover feature, as long as you know your email account and your password you can easily set the accounts up using that function.


However, sometimes for whatever reason the auto configuration does not work, in which case you have to set the account up manually.

To manually set up the email client to talk to the server you will need to know the following information

  1. your account name

  2. your password

  3. the type of account we are using

  4. the path to the incoming and outgoing server

  5. the correct port numbers


1) your account name – always your complete email address

2) your password – you have had a password sent to you during the hiring process, and other correspondence.  If you need me to reset your password, please send me a request using the helpdesk @

3) We use IMAP as the best means to communicate with the email server.  This option keeps all information current over each device you use.  Generally, we use SMTP as the outgoing type.

4) the path to the incoming and outgoing server is the same:

5) the port number for your incoming (IMAP) server is 143 – the port number for the outgoing (SMTP) server is 26 – (some clients use 25 by default, please change that port if given the option.

The outgoing server does use authentication, which is the same as your login in information, however it does not require Secure Password Authorization (SPA)


Using this data, you should easily be able to connect any device to the email server.  If something is working as it should please contact me through the helpdesk,

or call the Atlas-FE number 386-202-4600 ext. 404


Until all issues are resolved, you can check the status of a ticket using the help desk.

You can access your email through our portal by going to, and selecting email portal.


On that page, if you click on your account name on the top right hand corner of the webpage, you can find more information on setting up your email client by selecting "configure email client" ---- you may also change your email password using the same menu.



Tab Smith

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